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Mailing & Shipping

How does CardFool send my cards?

We send all cards through USPS First Class shipping.
Any card you mail directly to recipient is mailed with a first class stamp just like it was send from your mailbox!
Any cards you send to yourself are shipped in a rigid mailer with blank envelopes and shinkwrapped for their protection!

How long will it take for my cards to arrive?

According to the USPS First Class Shipping, most mailed cards arrive within 2-4 mailing days from when it's mailed. If you order your card before 2pm CST Monday through Friday, it will be printed and mailed/shipped the same day.
Click here to learn about first First Class Shipping from the United States Postal Service website.
You will recieve a confirmation email when we give your cards to the post office to be delivered.

Use this official USPS delivery estimate map to estimate delivery times for your card:
(All our cards are mailed from the red market below)


How much do Ecards cost?

All Ecards are $1.99 to send via email.
Ecards are totally Free if you're a CardFool ecard subscriber. To learn about all the perk of being a CardFool ecard subscriber, click here.

How do I send Ecards via Facebook and Twitter?

Sending Ecards via Facebook and Twitter is a feature only available to CardFool Ecard Subscribers. As a subscriber, you would personalize a card just like normal, but when you come to the recipient page, you have the option to select to send the ecard via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

How can I send my Ecard via Facebook?

Here are the options that you'll see when you select Facebook:

You can send your Ecard via Facebook in 5 different ways:

  • Share to News Feed or Story - This will post the Ecard on a specific News feed that you have access to.
  • Share to Friend's Timeline - This will post the Ecard to your Friend's wall. This is what most people do, as it posts their Ecard on their wall for all their friends to see!
  • Share in a Group - This will post the Ecard on a Group your a part of, or a public Group.
  • Share in an Event - This will post the Ecard on an Event page your a part of, or a public Event.
  • Share in a Private Message - This will post the Ecard as a link in a private message to a friend that you select.


What is the Ecard Subscription?

The Ecard Subscription is the easiest and most cost-effective way to send Ecards. As a subscriber, you can send Unlimited Ecards for an entire year, not only via Email, but also exclusively through Facebook and Twitter, absolutely Free!
To become a an Ecard Subscriber, simply go here and sign up!

How much does the Ecard Subscription Cost?

To send unlimited Ecards for free all year cost of $19.99, which is basically the cost of 10 ecards. The Ecard Subscription is a yearly charge, and your card will automatically be charged unless you elect to not be auto-renewed on your profile.


I've forgotten my password. What can I do?

No problem! We'll send you a link to your account email that will allow you to change your password. Go here and enter your account email to have the reset email sent out immedietely!

How do I check my Order Status?

Go here to your "Order History" page. You'll see the status of each card in your order in the white box on the right side of the page.

Print Card status's are either "Ready" or "Shipped". If they are "Ready", then they have not been sent to the printer yet to be mailed. When the are "Shipped", it means that they have been printed and mailed. You will recieve and email when your order has been printed and given to the post office for delivery. For estimated delivery times, see the USPS map above (here).

Ecards status's are either "Ready" or "Shipped" as well. A "Shipped" Ecard means that we have successfully delivered your Ecard to the recipient Email address provided. You will receive and email alerting you when your Ecard was opened by it's recipient.

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